The Manufacturing solution provides advanced functionality for manufacturing-specific needs such as production planning, scheduling, and inventory control, product lifecycle management, quality and maintenance. This integrates core business processes with manufacturing processes, allowing full visibility and control over a manufacturing business.

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Nio's MRP Solutions

Manage your whole Manufacturing process with Nio's MRP Solution, a modern solution to an old problem. No more time-clocking, 
real-time communication, shop floor automation, and dozens of integrations, including Quality, Maintenance, and PLM.


Grow and evolve your business with a future-proof cloud platform to connect modern technologies for streamlined processes and meaningful insights into production and business operations.


Boost productivity with an extensive manufacturing suite with visual scheduling, rules-based product configuration, material planning, and native data collection with barcode scanning.

Business Intelligence

Empower your team and give them the tools to get the information they need quickly, to make informed decisions. Interactive, connected spreadsheets help you to organize your data so it can be easily accessed and analyzed.

Flexible Production Methods

Adaptable production management supports:

  • Make-to-stock
  • Make-to-order
  • Engineer-to-order
  • Configure-to-order
  • Repetitive, batch process
  • Project-driven manufacturing environments

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Engineering and Design

  • Streamline product design with native engineering change control and tailored approval workflows. 
  • Harmonize engineering bills of material from CAD or PLM applications with production bills of material.

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Planning and Scheduling

  • Access role-based dashboards to monitor every corner of your manufacturing operations. 
  • Increase throughput and reduce downtime with native applications for material planning and production scheduling.

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A Complete ERP Solution for Manufacturers

Find the answers you need.

What kind of manufacturing environment can we manage with a Nio system?

We can manage make-to-stock, make-to-order, engineer-to-order, configure-to-order, repetitive, batch process, and project-driven manufacturing environments.

Data conversion is never easy but is manageable. We have some tools for popular systems like Syspro, Quickbooks, Dynamics and others, however the quality of your data will ultimately determine the complexity of the task. To make things easy - if you can provide us a few spreadsheets with data about your products, customers, suppliers and employees then we can have your system available for testing within a day or so.

We have a rapid onboarding system including a portal that accelerates the data conversion and learning cycles. Once we have your data as described above, then the longest part is getting your employees ready to use the system. Taking into account the time it could take from sign up to actual use including configuration workshops, training, UAT and cutover - the system can be ready for use within 6 to 12 weeks.

Yes absolutely. All sales channels (Store, Sales reps and eCommerce) all work off a common database and for business customers, pricing can be applied at the customer account level. What this means is that your business customers will have the same prices no matter if they came into a store, visited your website or in person with your sales reps - this is omni-channel sales.

We strive to eventually not have to generate any physical paperwork as this is not neither good for productivity nor the environment however, the reality is that customers are still going to want a paper document sometimes and in those cases, the paper invoice can be scanned and if signed by the customer, can be photographed and included as a digital record right on the spot by the driver.

From fast invoice production and distribution to having an online customer portal with all account balances available to the ability to take payments online, in-store and from sales and service reps. Reminder emails are automatically generated (1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.) with advanced tools for collections/receivables to increase their effectiveness.

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