Our Mission 

"To help medium sized companies (<1000 staff) digitally transform, and to accelerate the Digital Economy in every region we operate in.” 


The Nio Group

Nio is a fast growing company dedicated to helping companies digitally transform their entire operations using innovative cloud based open source tools. Founded by two industry veterans with experience of transforming hundreds of companies, Nio has been built from the ground up with the highest levels of integrity, HR and industry best practices. 

Nio has a global footprint with a presence in the Caribbean, Europe, Middle East and India through which it provides 24x7 customer support.

Meet the Founders

Lorcan Camps
Founder & CEO 

Lorcan is a technologist with decades of experience leading transformational e-commerce, CRM, ERP, HRM and MRP projects. An entrepreneur at heart, he has completed over 200+ projects using Oracle, SAP, Microsoft, Odoo business applications and is passionate about Open Source Software.

Saranjit Arora 
Founder & COO 

Saranjit is an entrepreneur of 25 years, and has developed digital solutions for EE, Orange, World Economic Forum, P&O and a number of North American and European SMEs and startups. As an open source expert at the European Commission, he is helping European public administrations better leverage open source.

We are passionate about Open Source Software

Open source software results in:

  • Faster development - reuse existing code 

  • More robust - millions of people testing it

  • Ongoing innovation - massive user contributions

  • Lower cost overall than commercial software

  • No vendor lock-in


  • The Internet runs on open source software

  • Huge world-wide developer community

  • Is key to the development of the Digital Economy 

Our Locations


 Port of Spain, Trinidad & Tobago
 Kingston, Jamaica

Sales, Implementation


 Brussels, Belgium

Sales, HQ


 Gujarat, India

Development Centre

North America

 Texas, United States of America


Middle East

 Dubai, United Arab Emirates



The founders have served a range of top companies - some of these are shown below. For the latest Nio customers go to the resources section.