Open Source Software

Development Standards

Basic level

Below are the basic level practices in the OSS development process:

  • PDOC – Product Documentation
  • STD – Use of Established and Widespread Standards
  • QTP – Quality of Test Plan
  • LCS – Licenses
  • ENV – Technical Environment
  • DFCT – Number of Commits and Bug Reports
  • MST – Maintainability and Stability
  • CM – Configuration Management
  • PP1 – Project Planning Part 1
  • REQM – Requirements Management
  • RDMP1 – Availability and Use of a (product) roadmap

Digital Accelerator Program

By creating a virtuous relationship between the supply of skilled professionals and the demand for technology we can create a flywheel effect that accelerates innovation and boosts the digital economy.

Digital Economy Accelerator
Open Source Software
Nio Digital Limited, Lorcan Camps 28 November 2021
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