Connect to your Customers,
Vendors & Partners

Connect is a collection of apps that together enable your customer journeys to be integrated across both physical & digital channels with self-service, personalized recommendations and automation.

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Increased Sales

Better customer Experience

Access to Export Markets and hard

  • Supports digital customer journeys enabled by self-service and automation

  • Omnichannel access via In-person via Sales and POS apps, On-line via Website, eCommerce & Live Chat apps

  • Complete Digital Marketing to host online seminars, events and surveys; create leads from customer emails & Facebook and convert website visitors into appointments

  • Accept and make payments via ACH, Linx, Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, WiPay, EndCash & many other Digital methods

Connect Apps

CRM - Customer Relationship management

CRM is a core app for Connect. By placing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and the Customer at the center of Connect, all data is always up to date and the Lead to Cash process flows seamlessly across apps.

Connect packages

Connect is available in pre-built packages. These have been carefully designed with best-practice process flows, website themes, industry-specific templates, data catalogs, training content and apps. This enables rapid adoption; leading to faster results and time to value.

Sales + eCommerce

This package enables businesses to set up an online store and sell their products. It contains everything that is needed to quickly launch an online business and start selling to your customers, wherever they are. It allows both online sales with your own existing or brand new website and also at your physical store with the POS app. For B2B scenarios, the sales team can use the Sales app on a laptop, tablet or phone, whilst the customer can access their own special pricing via an account on the online store.




Live Chat





Digital Marketing

This package consists of all the apps that you would need to support your Digital Marketing needs. This includes everything a marketer needs to host online events and surveys; increase website traffic; convert customer emails & Facebook views into leads; website visitors into appointments and“close the loop” to deliver measurable value.


Email Marketing

Social Marketing

SMS Marketing

Marketing Automation